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To seek and dream of their soulmate and lover

Posted on September 5, 2012 at 8:25 PM


So you want to learn how to connect and dream of a lover, soulmate.. OR Perhaps you have?!  Read on....

First and foremost we look at the (Property of Strata) who says

:1. It could definitely be just a dream.

2. it could be yourself trying to tell you that you're not in a good place.

3. If you already think you're getting signs to leave your partner, maybe you should.


Of course we have all heard stories of dreaming of a future lover, or a past life lover.. and I do believe this happens*** However you need to be honest and truthful and decide if its you looking for an "out" or looking to hard for the "ideal" person you will never meet*



While I do believe that many people simply settle for someone, to be in a relationship, or out of fear that they may never find Mr. or Miss Right, it doesn't mean that you are doing so.


Look within yourself, and decide what you want to do... and never settle for "good enough," if you are looking for perfect.

My understanding and definition of a Soul Mate is not necessarily the 'romantic' sort. It may be that you're dreaming of a Soul Mate, but that doesn't mean he's the one you're supposed to be in a relationship with.  It could mean an idea.. or a past lover in another time.. and since we come back as male, and as female... and in different times... This isnt always possible*  Sometimes a true Soul Mate is just a friend.

Sometimes they're someone who you can't really be in a romantic relationship with because you have differing sexual orientations.

It's a common misconception that the term Soul Mate only applies to the elusive "One" that you are destined to be joined to for all time.

There are many fish in the sea... this is a term for a reason... We create soulmates all the time* Souls we mate with* and have mated with* and will mate with*

Sometimes that's the case, other times not. Be open to accepting the chance that your dream person might not be the one you're 'supposed' to be with.


Dreams speak in symbols more often than in literal true-to-life things.  Connecting with a lover.. we first determind what characteristics we want*

we look in...

Here are some ideas when creating your wish list to the angels:


What does your soul mate look like? Examples: handsome, athletic, tall, short, dark or light hair, awesome eyes, great dresser.


What does it feel like when you are with him? Examples: warm, connected, happy, fulfilled, spontaneous, comfortable, genuine, fun.


What are the characteristics of your soul mate and your relationship?


Examples: committed, trusting, honest and open communication, supportive, fun, passionate. how they dress, what they like, what they believe in...


What's important to you? Examples: someone spiritual, likes to travel, likes kids, wants kids, works with kids, works with elderly, cares for his mom in a certain way, has siblings...  likes to work out, loves good food, supportive of your career, old fashioned, new aged, likes to have a good time, conversational, good around the house.


What is your life like after you get together? Examples: we have financial security and abundance, we spend equal, we save together, we spend together, we have seperate incomes. lots of time together, we are passionate, we easily communicate, we appreciate each other, we laugh together.

Descirbe how you expect to live your life with them... in what style of home (realistic geared towards your income) where do you vacation together? what your hoe looks like, style decore, where you live, location, what you like to do together, hobbies, interests, reliogions, beliefs, cultures....


Spend some time in your sacred space when you create your wishlist. As specific as possible!! As realistic as possible... Sure a millionaire is nice.. but.... Be specific and only state the positive. If you choose, you may review it with a friend. She might have suggestions for additions to your list


Your list is going to be very individual to who you are and what you like. Be honest and specific with the angels. Create your wish list and then surrender it to your angels. close up te letter and put it under your bed, put it in the fire, put it on your dream board!

Allow them to  work diligently behind the scenes to bring you together at the perfect time and in the perfect place. Your job is to believe, affirm, and visualize your soul mate in your meditation and imagine your wish list coming true.


Prayer for Finding a Soul Mate


Archangel Chamuel and Archangel Haniel, I ask for your assistance in meeting and connecting with my true love,

a soul mate who is destined for me. I share with you my wish list and desires, and I trust that you will work

behind the scenes to bring us together. I am ready and willing to open my heart to give and receive the gifts of

love through partnership and to meet my mate who is ready to do the same. Grace me with the gifts of this

soul-connected relationship and help me recognize who he is when I see him.

Meditation for Connecting You with Your Soul Mate



This is a powerful meditation that works to help you connect and meet your soul mate. Get ready for miracles if

you choose to invite her into your life... be patient say this often as often as you need! Say it every day until it happens!


Find a quiet place to sit and bring your soul mate wish list with you. If you choose, you can put some quiet music, in the background, get comfortable, and place your wish list on your lap. Take some nice deep breaths and set your intention that you are going to work with the angels to connect with your soul mate.




Prayer for Finding a Soul Mate


Archangel Chamuel and Archangel Haniel, I ask for your assistance in meeting and connecting with my true love,

a soul mate who is destined for me. I share with you my wish list and desires, and I trust that you will work

behind the scenes to bring us together. I am ready and willing to open my heart to give and receive the gifts

of love through partnership and to meet my mate who is ready to do the same. Grace me with the gifts of this

soul-connected relationship and help me recognize who he is when I see him.





Call in your guardian angels and your soul mate's guardian angels and ask Archangel Chamuel and Archangel

Haniel to join you. Ask them to create a beautiful circle of divine light, love, and power around you. Breathe in and

believe they are going to help you become one with your true love on a soul level and on a physical level. (Pause)


Now imagine your soul as a star in the sky. Now send a call out to your soul mate. There are many stars in the sky,

but one seems to shine very bright and it twinkles more than the others. Look for it or feel it — it's there! (Pause)


Now see that star coming toward your star until they merge and become one big, brilliant, bright star. (Pause)

Now ask your soul and your angels to call out to your physical beings on the earth plane.

Imagine you are both stars on the earth and you attract each other until you finally merge on the earth plane.

Just like the two stars came together on the soul plane, they come together on the earth plane. See or feel that happening.

(Pause) Through the help of the angels you easily find each other, you are drawn to each other, and you are destined to be together.


Now imagine, or pretend if you need to, that you are living together in happiness, commitment, joy, peace, and harmony.

Imagine and feel it in every cell of your being. (Pause) Thank your soul and your angels for bringing you together and for

the miracles of your love. (Pause)


Feel the gratitude and then slowly breathe back into the moment, holding on to your vision and the feeling of true love.


The dream world is analgous to the root system of a tree. When a tree gets cut down, you might think it would be death

for the tree. Not so. The root system is, itself, a tree underground. It is the true tree, not the manifestation which we see,

and which has leaves, fruit, etcetera. That's the ass of a tree, if you will.


Similarly, it is the dream world, which is closer to the world where your soul goes when you die.

When you are dreaming, you are connecting with your "root system", and that's why your dreams are meant to refresh you,

just like a tree gets nourishment from the ground.  When a tree gets cut down, it's not death for the tree, but a new beginning.

So too, for man, whose death is simply an opportunity for a new start and new achievments and challenges.


If you have a wonderful woman in your dreams, yes, she may be your soulmate, contacting you through the dream world. I would suggest two things:


1: Go to any bookstore and get a copy of Stephen Laberge's book on lucid dreaming. Read it and practice. Learn to recognize your dreamsigns and learn to condition yourself to do state-checks. You will eventually become lucid while dreaming and be able to control your dream.


2: Try to become lucid in a dream where this girl shows up. If you can do so, I would try to conjure up a globe in your dream so that you can point to where you are. Or, you may try to send her geographical coordinates but letters and #s don't last long in the stream of dreamspace, so that might be tough. It depends on the sensations of your dream.





Another thing.. meditate.. meditate.. meditate!!!!


Astral Travel for Beginners


* Sit down in a comfortable chair with both feel flat on the floor, uncrossed.


* The room should be semi-dark, telephone unhooked, warm and comfortable. Make sure you will not be disturbed, as this could cause you physical harm.


* Take several deep breaths, eight to sixteen. Then allow yourself to become relaxed and return to normal, rhymatic breathing.


* Begin to concentrate on your Solar Plexus, and feel your etheric self begin to depart from within you.


* Start thinking of your desire to travel astrally, focusing on the location and time/year you wish to travel to.


* Remain quiet, confident that you will allow your other self to leave your body. Trust in your Higher Self and your Guides, who may accompany you.


* Then, begin your inner dialogue with your Etheric Self. "I choose to leave my body now and to travel to my desired destination. I am ready to leave my body. My Astral Self is ready to travel. I desire to leave this room NOW!"


* Wait several minutes, then begin the dialogue again. Do this for at least an hour, unless you begin to feel the movement. At that time, begin to concentrate on the experience without fear.


* If you are successful, your body will begin to vibrate and you will find yourself free of it, attached only by the silver cord. You can rise yourself up and look down upon your body, safely sitting in the chair. Now you are able to travel to any place, era or planet you choose, at will, through using your telepathic thoughts. (This is a good technique to help with body pain.)


* Remember, you will come back to your body instantly if there is fear, or if you declare it while traveling. Do not be frightened. You will always be able to return to your body. You will never get lost in space.


* If you are unable to disengage your etheric self from your body after a few tries, practice the Chakra Meditation tape daily for seven days, then go for a brisk walk before the out-of-body meditation. Reflect on the spiritual progress that you have made thus far, and on how many of your inner perceptions have changed. Love yourself! Trust the process. Continue to remain optimistic about your future astral travel trip. Return from the walk and begin the exercise again.


* Doing this exercise with three or more people will help the energies become stronger.


* If you are unsuccessful, continue trying each day, and be sure to keep a journal of your experiences. Watch how your psychic energies will open up for you.


PLEASE - e-mail me to let me know how you are doing.



 First I would like to explain that not all r Astral Projections are achieved or recieved through these psychical signs and signals. For example, just an ordinary dream may turn into a more vivid Lucid or Reality Dream, which usually is considerded an OOB esperience****. Have you ever had a gliding, floating or especially flying dream when everything becomes much more vivid, or you may even see bizare objects or entity's?


Well, then, in all likely hood you already had a taste of a full-on OOB or Projection!! Have you ever had a Reality or Lucid Dream that you saw such beautiful scenery or landscaping? Or, better yet, have you ever seen a recently lost passed away loved one or pet soon after their death?? Well, this, (even if it may not seem real at the time,) is most likely some level of a full-on OOB experience. Here are the following psychical signs and signals for a successful OOB or Astral Projection while just dozing off either at your bed time or just in a simple nap during the day.


1) You may feel first a sort of euphoric dizziness in your head. Some quickly awaken from this experience because for some it may seem frightening. If this occurs, try hard not to wake your self up.

2) After a few mainutes of the dizziness you may feel body vibrations that start out low and becoem stronger. If you do or have already ever felt these psychical experiences then, you should know that this is indeed the beginning of an OOB experience and never be scared, because nothing can harm you, even as uncomfortable as it may become! Most of my students that I have inspired and helped have an successful OOB or Astral Projection experience say thse signs are scary and want to awaken! Don't do that, if this ever happens or has happend to you yet. A lot of the others like myself found these psychical feelings appealing and just go along with it never waking myself up out of these experiences.


3) The body vibrations are signs of the psychical body getting ready to transfer to it's first Ethereal Body, then you may feel a thrush from your chest cavity! Once again, try not to become frightned of these unfamiliar feelings and try to go with it.

4) You will feel an even deeper pull from the center of your chest only for seconds, and this is the Ethereal Body transferring over to The Astral Body or Spirit Body, (only called at the time of your death, that is your Spirit Body) Just like the Spirit Body our Astral Body's are now able to navigate with the Astral Eyes and Arms, if you have made it this far you may find your self either floating or gliding about the room you are currently in.


You may even see your own still sleeping psychical body in a bed or couch, or what have you!! This really frightens a lot of folks and they most definately awaken then out of fear of a bad night mare. If this occurs it only ocurs very rarely, and once again should never be frightned, knowing all the while that their Spirit Guide is always around them, even havn't never having meant you Spirit Guide yet or not!


5) If you have succeeded to this phase of an OOB so far, you are now just like a real Spirit, being in your Astral Body, you can now go through doors, walls and window's. Most beginners remain "Home Bond," for a couple of weeks depending how many times one recieves this experience. in all likely hood, once you start recieving these sigsn, you are in touch with your Higher Poewr Body, Soul and Mind, you will continue to recieve them almost nightly or daily basis, depending on your own personal Soul's progression in your current life. Simply meaning if you are a good person, doing good and right things, then I can't stress this enough to my students, anyone is capable of recieving OOB's or Astral Projections!


I remained "House Bond" for only a week or so, learning how neat it was to float, glide and fly and how to navigate. When you are at this stage, it will just come natural to you to use your astral arms and eyes to navigate. I then remained "Earth Bond," only hearing telepathically my Spirit Guides voice for approximately one year, then one night--or morning I should say, (as that is when most OOB's are recieved, through our early morning deep REM, Delta Sleep!) This is because it is when our own earthly psychical body's have the most energy to be able to Astral Travel! So, one morning She, my Spirit Guide, (who I describe in one of my other stories, but most beautiful, young and flawless, as all Spirit's are,) appeared to me visually in my bed room. I was not surprised, scared nor frightned, having Spirit's frequently visiting my room since child hood.






Gemstones to keep on you.... to hold, to wear, to stick under your pillow!!!  To help draw lovers in... and increase mediation, lucid dreams, astral projection in order to hopefully connect with that special person.. IT takes practice* and concentration, determined, relaxation, quiet, dont give up if it doesnt happen instantly!

PS.. I can make you a bracelet, necklace, pillow pouch with stones for you!!!!!   for less then $11.00, I cleanse, prepare, charge them, bless them for you so email me!!!!

Carnelian: Associated with artistic, emotional energies, improving appreciation for your lover’s body, connecting people, confidence, enhancing passion, and balancing emotions. It stimulates sexual relationships and sexual healing by decreasing guilt and increasing spontaneity, liveliness, and generosity. Said to be “The” stone to have when you’re making the move.

Emerald: Eliminates negativity from relationships to create domestic harmony, loyalty, faithfulness, and devotion. Use this stone to go steady, get married or long term commitment for success in love. Also helps to identify false friends and promises. Best for overly emotional, vulnerable, and rash people.

Lapis lazuli: connects the mind and heart, illuminates and clarifies feelings, its considered a stone of truth and friendship. Helps people to be outspoken with opinions and helps those who give more than they receive.

Garnet: Best for those looking for prince charming as it is a stone of sexual power and awakens the sexual center. Associated with romance, passion, and restoring purity and innocence in finding love. Can heal broken hearts, be used with other stones to draw love your way, and defends against unfaithfulness. Different colors are better used for certain purposes.

Green- brings peace and resolves romantic troubles.

Orange- has energy for commitment.

Purple-helps physical and emotional inflexibility also heals chronic indecisiveness.

Red- for those who desire a spark in an existing relationship or those with a new start.

Jade- has strong feminine energy related to the heart chakra and benefits all matters of the heart, ensures sexual fidelity and generosity, and improves sexual performance in both genders.

White- promotes discernment in matters of the heart and controls urges of wandering eyes.Horney or yellow jade increase optimism and energy.

Brown- for people entering a new phase of relationship.

Pink and lilac- draw to on who wears or carries the stone a love match truly made in heaven.

Moonstone: Most commonly hold a feminine energy that is soothing, gentle, receptive, and increases intuition. Works well with other stones. One way to use after lovers disagree is to hold a piece over their hearts then exchange to unite again. Another way is to place one beside your bed and your true love appears in your dreams. Different colors are better used for certain purposes.

White- generally the most beneficial.Orange- used for sexual anxiety.

Silver- eliminates confusion and helps with difficult decisions.

Rainbow- revives passion and creativity in an established relationship. Can bring new love into your life and rid yourself of toxic relationships.

Pearl- energies represent feminine, purity, innocence, and integrity. Can be used to stimulate love growing in your relationship especially in the area of reproduction, can even draw the right man or woman your way. Allows owner to accept love and boost self love.

Peridot: lures in a new love, has enthusiastic and sophisticated energy, is tied to the sun, mitigates jealousy and protects against unnecessary heartache. Helps with communication, increases strength and physical vitality, calms heart, and raises spirit.These are a few of the gemstones built for love.I’ll have more for you soon! 


Dreaming stones + astral projection + meditation

Chrysoprase Alleviates recurring nightmares (particularly for children). Chrysoprase helps to make conscious what was unconscious. It strengthens the workings of insight and the higher consciousness.

Scolecite This stone promotes inner peace and deep relaxation.

It is an excellent aid to meditation. Scolecite helps one to realize subtle messages from the inner self and from higher sources. It enhances the dream state, facilitating dream recall, lucid dreaming and restful sleep.

Amethyst It is used as a dream stone and to help insomnia. Put an amethyst under your pillow to bring about pleasant dreams, or rub it across your forehead to offer relief from a headache. Ancient Egyptians used the amethyst guard against guilty and fearful feelings. It has been worn as protection from self-deception, as well as a protection against witchcraft. The amethyst has long been used to open the spiritual and psychic centers, making it one of the power stones. It is also used as a meditation aid when worn or held .  A crown chakra crystal (7th chakra) that brings a connection to higher divinity. This stone is useful for dream recall. It will also promote peaceful sleep and serenity. It deepens meditations and will aid in deepening dreams as well. It will aid in insomnia.


Azurite for Accessing Intuition through Dreams: A third eye chakra crystal (6th Chakra).Azurite heightens psychic awareness and intuition. It will aid you in opening up to the intuitive potentials of your dreams. This is an excellent stone for use with dream work, and is recommended as one of the top stones to choose if you don't already have one picked out.

Clear Quartz for Amplifying Dreams: All seven chakras. Clear quartz is an amplifier. It is especially beneficial for use in dream work to amplify the vividity of your dreams and the recollection of your dreams upon awakening. Clear quartz is easily programmed for any purpose, and can be programmed to work as a dream stone.



This is for all of you who want the quick and easy answer of how to aid dream recall, depth of dreams, and lucid dreaming. Take a stone you are drawn to and ask it to aid your visions and recall. Place the stone under your pillow and see what happens!

Every night before you go to bed, hold the stone in your left hand and ask it to bring you dreams that will help you discover your higher path in life or that clarify whatever issue is most at hand in your life. For example, if you are confused about a work situation, ask the stone and your spirit guides to bring you a dream that will clarify the path of highest good. If you are worried about disagreements with a loved one, ask the stone and your spirit guides to bring you a dream that will clarify the best direction to take for harmony with your loved one.

These are just examples, focus on the most pressing issue in your life that you want guidance on. Simply ask for clarity from your spirit guides, angel guides, animal totems, Jesus, Buddha, whomever it is that you personally choose to work with. The stone will act as a conduit to bring their higher wisdoms to you. You can use any stone for this exercise. Several good ones are clear quartz, amethyst, azurite, sodalite, moldavite, and zincite.


I do dream interpretations $5.00 + For $22.00 total  I send you the dream interepretation + dream catcher + dream pouch!


If you feel like it, program the stone to your specific request before using it. Visit the programming your crystal page for a detailed how-to list on programming a stone. A condensed version focused on programming a stone for dream recall, astral travel, and lucid dreaming is here. Clear the crystal of previous programming or old energies. This can be done by cleansing the crystal thoroughly. If you are short on time, and the crystal has been cleansed recently, simply hold it under running water for a few minutes and ask your higher spirit and angel guides to clear the old programming out of the stone.

First, cleanse your crystal. This can be accomplished by holding it under running water for a few moments as a quick and easy method, or for a more intensive cleansing leave it outside in a bowl of water overnight. Once your chosen dream crystal has been cleansed, meditate with the stone in your hands. It is beneficial to create a calm, serene environment while you are doing this. Some ideas are burning candles or incense, playing a cd of new age music, and smudging your home with sage. Whatever you find peaceful, just make sure you are in a calm, focused state before beginning the programming process. Hold the crystal in your hands and gaze upon it.

As you gaze at the stone, visualize yourself sleeping comfortably in your bed. Envision a soothing blue light encircling you and your entire bed. The blue light is a portal to the dream world. Envision your stone tucked under your pillow or mattress, or sitting on top of your nightstand. The stone is circled in the blue light also. The blue light dream portal is now open to you. With the assistance of your stone, you can travel through the dream portal to the dream world. You can easily pass back and forth, remembering details of this plane and the dream plane.

Now ask your stone to aid you in your dreaming. Ask for increased dream recall, lucid dreaming, astral travel, and guidance in your dreams. Thank your stone for undertaking the task of dream guardian for you. The stone will keep you safe in the dream realms, moving towards your highest purpose, and the knowledge that your higher self wants to share with you.

Seal the intention into your crystal by envisioning a white light surrounding the stone, and emanating from within it. The new vibrations are now stored in the crystal. The dream program will stay until you clear the crystal again.

Every night before you fall asleep, hold the dream stone in your left hand (the left hand is for receiving energies, the right hand is for sending energies) and thank it for aiding you. Say, "Thank you for helping me to remember my dreams tonight. Thank you for helping me receive guidance from my spirit guides in my dreams tonight. Thank you for helping me receive guidance regarding (insert any special issue you are trying to resolve) in my dreams tonight." Hold the dream stone to your third eye for a minute and concentrate your energies on the third eye. Meditate on the energies of your stone. Then place your dream stone near your bed. Common places are under your pillow, under your mattress, under your bed, or on your night stand.

Note: Say the thank you's out loud. There is more power in the human voice than is currently recognized by modern science. Intoning the words starts a vibration that penetrates through to the spirit world. Another tip is to always use a positive affirmation. Instead of saying "Thank you for taking away my bad dreams". "Say Thank you for bringing me joyful dreams tonight."


A lovely spell for soulmates

You'll need:

Four red candlesTwo white candlesA lighter or match When you speak, do so with strength and authority. You needn't shout, but use a powerful, commanding tone of voice.

Now, you want to find a space that you can make your circle in. Sit or stand in the middle. Place one red candle about two feet in front of you. Place the other red candles about two feet to your right, to your left, and behind you. If possible, orient yourself to the North.

Now, sit/stand in the middle and close your eyes. Breathe deeply for a moment, feeling relaxing energy flowing in with every in-breath and out with every out-breath. When you feel relaxed and focused, open your eyes. Say:

I call upon thee, Mother Earth, to support me with your grounding and strength.

Light the candle in front of you. Turn ninety degrees to your right. Say:

I call upon thee, Spirit of Fire, to strengthen my passion and emotion this night (or day).

Light the candle you are facing. Turn ninety degrees to your right. Say:

I call upon thee, Spirit of the Wind, to free the path between me and my goal.

Light the candle you are facing. Turn ninety degrees to your right. Say:

I call upon thee, Spirit of the Water, to consume my intent to create.

Light the candle you are facing. Turn ninety degrees to your right. You should be facing the direction you faced when you first began. Say:

Within the balance of nature, I stand!

Light one of the white candles and place it in front of you and slightly to the left. Say:

I am one with the power of nature. I am blessed to announce this night, that my intent is to draw my soulmate to me.

Light the second white candle and place it in front of you and slightly to the right of the first white candle. Say:

As I will it, I bring into my life the soulmate that I crave, the love that I deserve. I am a powerful creator, and as I will, shall be.

Reach out and pick up the two white candles, one in each hand, and raise them in front of you to eye-level. Say:

Two lights in an endless world, united at last by love and by passion.

Tilt the two candles to combine their flames into one. Say:

As we come together as one, I bring my wish to pass. So mote it be!

Blow out the combined flame of the white candles. Say:

I release this intent into the universe. My creation has begun, and I eagerly await my love.

Turn ninety degrees to your left. Say:

Water I command thee! Carry my intent to the ends of the universe!

Blow out the candle in front of you. Turn ninety degrees to the left. Say:

Wind I command thee! Carry my intent to the ends of the universe!

Blow out the candle in front of you. Turn ninety degrees to the left. Say:

Fire I command thee! Empower my intent and bring haste to the process!

Blow out the candle in front of you. Turn ninety degrees to the left. Say:

Mother Earth I command thee! Bring my love to me!

Blow out the candle in front of you. Sit/Stand back in the center of your circle. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply for a moment, feeling the energy that you have generated coursing through your being. Slowly, let the feeling fade back out. When you feel grounded and relaxed once more, open your eyes. Give thanks to the spirits who assist you, and resume your daily life.


ARE you looking for mojo bags????  Special baths?? Email me I can make one up for you blessed and set* wih hand written instructions for under $11.00 Shipping always included in prices!!!

Herbal lovers baths********



Gypsies of earlier times were really not heavily into bathing but this was with good reason ...

Being nomadic had it's drawbacks & with any type of well-travelled person, it was found that there was a great appreciation of water when it was available. Since it was not always easy to come by ,it was used both sparingly and with discretion. It was thought that it best never to waste water on the body when it may be desperately needed for drinking later.


Despite all this, there were many times when a bath was a necessity rather than an extravagance and at these times ,it was not only taken but had to be taken in a certain manner...an herbal bath to promote affairs of the heart, for instance.


Romani women have been long known for their time-honored recipes for herbal baths, They were especially concocted for those times when it was really important: to attract a love, to seal a lovers contract, to repair a damaged love etc...

Here are some examples to try for yourself.ENJOY!


Bath Recipe #1

Into your bath water or in a small muslin tea or herb bag drop Rose Petals and Jasmine Flowers, a small number of Mint Leaves & some Comfrey Root.

Let them steep for at least five minutes or place bag under running water as the tub fills, then you can either get into the bath immediately or pull the ingredients out first and then get in(if you did not use a bag).

Most Romani's leave the herbs and flowers in with them.


Bath Recipe #2

Rosemary and Carnation Petals in equal parts plus half the amount of Lavender. Add a sprinkling of Rose Fennel and Thyme.


Bath Recipe #3

Mint, Lavender & Marjoram steeped together first on the stove for at least five minutes. Then add a sprinkling of Rose Petals and pinch of Basil.


Bath Recipe #4

Prepare a pot of herbal tea containing one teaspoon each of Rosemary, Valerian, Vervain, Mint, and Cinnamon beforehand. Let it steep for about ten minutes, then pour into the bath water.

Sprinkle on top about a half teaspoonful of Lovage (dried and powdered).


Bath Recipe #5

Simmer a quarter cup of Lavender and a quarter cup of Rose Petals in a quart of water for 15 minutes, then add to your bath water.


Bath Recipe #6

Simmer a quarter cup of Hops and a quarter cup of Marjoram in a quart of water for 20 minutes, then add to your bath.


Bath Recipe #7

Simmer a quarter cup of Peppermint and a quarter cup of Linden Flowers in a quart of water for 15 minutes, then add to your bath water.


Generally, the above can be done with either fresh flowers/herbs or dried ones. While soaking in your bath, you should concentrate on your desire, be it to bring love, heal a rift,consummate a union, incite passion etc....


To make one you love notice you



Find their footprint in the dirt. Dig up the earth that has been stepped upon. Take the earth to the nearest willow tree and making a hole in the ground at it’s base, put the footprint earth into the hole,filling it over with the original dirt. As you bury the footprint this way,say:



"Many earths on earth there be ,

I make my love known unto thee.

For he(she) is the flower & I the stem;

He (I) the cock & me(she) the hen

Grow, grow willow tree!

Sorrow not for the likes of me.




From then on you will find that the person that you yearn for will indeed start to notice you. Where it goes from there is up to you.



To bring out the love of another (Courage Spell)



This does not interefere with a persons free will. It only gives them the courage to state what is on their mind. It is for when you feel that they are in love with you but do not have the courage to act on their feelings. If it turns out that they do not actually love you as you thought ,no harm done as if that is the case,it will simply not work on them.


To be done at the same time for 7 Fridays in a row with it ending on the one closest to the beginning of a Full moon. (Not after,but before it is full.)


Take a pink household candle or taper and divide into 7 equal sections by marking it with 6 rings of equal size. As you light the candle ,call out the name of that who you think loves you. Then say:



"Gana be with me in all that I do.

Gana please bring me a love that is true.

Give him/her the strength to put into words

his/her feelings ,and sing like the song of the birds."




Think about that person for a few moments. Envision them coming to you and declaring their love for you then repeat the chant. Keep doing this until the candle has burned down to the first line then pinch the cande out and put it away until the next friday.

On the last friday,keep chanting until the candle burns itself out.




To open the way for one who loves you



The seeker should set a wineglass on the table. Then suspend a ring(traditionally the mothers wedding ring but any ring will do) from a length of silk ribbon.Holding the ribbon between thumb & forefinger,as a pendulum,with the elbow resting on the table ,let the ring hang in the mouth of the wineglass. Initially you should try and keep the ring still.


In a loud, clear voice call out your own name followed by the name of your would-be love. Repeat the name of your love twice more (3 times in all).

Then thinking of him/her allow the ring to swing until it "chinks" against the side of the wine glass once for each letter as you spell out their name.


Now take the ribbon and tie it about your neck ,allowing the ring to hang down on your chest over your heart. wear it for 3 weeks. Every Friday repeat the above ritual. By the end of the third week , if it is meant to be , then the loved one will come to you.




To find the initials of your future spouse



For this ,using the brightest red apple with the longest stem you can find (anywhere except off your own tree). Sit by the fire and hold the apple by the stem as you gently twist it. For each twist given, state a letter of the alphabet (in order). The letter stated as the stem breaks free from the apple is your spouses first initial.


Toss the stem into the fire. To get the last initial ,peel the apple skin off carefully in one long peel. If you mess up,you have to start again with a new apple, so be careful.


When done,take the peel in your left hand & toss it over your shoulder so that it lands on the ground behind you. Turn around and see what letter’s shape the peel has taken on in it’s fall. That is the first letter of your future spouses last name.





To view your future spouse





In a room on a table covered with a black cloth place a clear goblet of water which is filled to it’s brim. Next to the goblet ,on the left, burn a white candle. This should be the only light in the closed ,silent room. On the right, burn some appropriate incense such as Frankincense,Jasmine or Sandalwood.


Close your eyes and relax by taking a few nice deep breaths as you envison the faces of possible spouses in front of you. Keep your eyes closed as you repeat the following three times:



Scry,scry,scry for me

Bring the face that I must see.

Let me gaze on my future mate,

To know which lover will be my fate."



Clear your mind of everything so that you are ready to accept whatever you see. When ready ,open your eyes and gaze down into the water and glimpse the face of who will become your spouse.




Is he/she the right one for me?.



Using a pendulum(at least 7 inches in length) & an article that connects you to him/her. (hankerchief,watch,ring,photograph,letter,article of clothing etc..)

Simply sit with the object in front of you and hold the pendulum over it. Hold the pendulum so that it is suspended about an inch or so above the object.

Concentrate your thoughts on the person in question. Is he/she the right one for you? Think of both their good and bad qualities.Then recite the following three times in all:

"Av,mi Romani mal

Pawdel dur chumbas

Av kitane mansa?"




As you say the verse,the pendulum will begin to swing . If it swings back and forth(towards and away from you) then the answer is "yes",that person is right for you.

If it is swinging in a circular motion instead,then clockwise also means "yes".

If swinging side to side or counter-clockwise than "no" they are not the one for you.


To Attract a Lover


This is when you have a lover but he or she is not as attentive as you would wish. You know they love you but...


Sit before a dying fire and gaze into it, clearingyour mind of all but thoughts of your lover. Have a small basket of laurel leaves betweenyour knees.Keeping your gaze fixed on the fire, dip your left hand into the basket, take out a handful of leaves, and toss them onto the fire. As they burst into flames, chant out loudthe following:


"Laurel leaves that burn in the fire,

Draw unto me my heart's desire."



Wait until the flames have died down, then repeat the action. Do it a third time. Within 24 hours your lover will come to visit you.




To Make Yourself Known toAnother


If you love another and they don't seem to notice, then this can bring you to their attention.


You need to find their footprints in the earth. You then dig up this footprint (more correctly, the earth in which it is impressed). Take the earth to the nearest willow tree and, making a hole in the ground at its base, put the footprint earth into the hole, filling it over with the original dirt. As you are burying the footprint this way, say:


"Many earths on earth there be,

I make my love know unto thee.

For He is the flower and I the stem;

He the cock and I the hen.

Grow, grow willow tree!

Sorrow not for the likes of me


From then on you will find that the person you yearn for will indeed start to notice you.

Where it goes from there, of course, is up to you.




The Revealing Peel


To find if the one you love will become your spouse, do the following.


In the morning, as soon as you arise, peel a small lemon. Keep two equal pieces of the peel, each about the size of a half-dollar. Place the pieces with the insides together and the peel sides out, and put them in your right-hand pocket or in your purse. Leave them there all day.At night, when you undress for bed, take the peel from your pocket or purse and rub the legs of the bed with it. Then place both pieces of the peel under your pillow and lay down to sleep. If you dream of your love, then you will surely marry him/her

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