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Metahysical workshops in southern Ontario

Posted on September 9, 2012 at 6:20 PM

Exploring your own psychic abilities. Exploring the various ways in Southern Ontario!  With myself and another girl Jillian Davidson!

Exploring what your strengths are?

This will be your chance to explore and learn about all sorts of ways  and first hand try different ways.. See what works well with you. Discover natural gifts. We can physically do them all* But we can grow and learn other gifts! Some are hidden just from lack of knowledge in trying.


#1  The first workshop is the touching,feeling sensing... hands on great for beginners.  We will look at Psychometry - Also known as "object reading", psychometry enables a psychic to pick up on psychic impressions (vibrations) left on an object by someone connected with it. Someone with this ability could use an unfamiliar object to reveal much about its owner. We will also be looking at Aura Reading - The ability to see the energy fields that emanate from living beings. Psychic ability can often reveal itself throught the seeing of auras.   Empathy - The talent to sense the needs, drives, and emotions of another. As with Aura Reading, psychic ability can often reveal itself through the development of empathy.

lets explore, discuss and try this  :) 

Saturday November 3, 2012  at 1:00-pm until 4:00ish* $40.00



#2 Is Intuition + Precognition, gypsies, fortune telling

  - Quite simply, "knowing the future". However, since time is a dynamic construct, no one psychic can ever know every detail about the future. Usually this ability refers to knowing general outcomes of specific courses of action, with occasional flashes of detailed insight... viewing fortune telling ways and methods that have and are and can be used.

 Saturday November 17, 2012  at 1:00-pm until 4:00ish* $40.00


#3 Work shop 3  Is called the CCCI*   The 3C's with a bit of intuition.

Clairaudience - Put simply, this type of ability is used to hear what is "inaudible". For example, someone with this ability could be a thousand miles way and "hear" a loved one's cry of distress.  Clairvoyance - Usually confused with Precognition, this ability actually has much more in common with "Remote Viewing", True clairvoyance is not the abilitly to see into the future, but the psychic ability to see visions of that which is hidden or far away. Clairsentience - In this instance the psychic has an insight or "knowing" of and a hidden or forgotten fact. Intuition - Similar to clairsentience, this is the power or faculty of attaining direct knowledge or cognition without rational thought or inference.

Saturday December 1, 2012  at 1:00-pm until 4:00ish* $40.00


#4 meditation, lucid dreams and astral projection lets practice, learn the fundamentals.

Saturday January 12, 2012  at 1:00-pm until 2:00ish* $15.00



#5 Tea leaf reading lessons*** 1 class 3 hours.  includes* lunch and tea! $60.00 per person. outdoors* Saturday October 20th 1:00pm


#6 Tea leaf reading lessons*** 1 class 3 hours.  includes* lunch and tea! $60.00 per person. indoors* Saturday February 9th 1:00pm-3:00ish


# 7 Past lives exploration, and chat*  March 9th 2 hours(ish)  $10.00


#8 gemstones, crystals, healing, touch on reiki and healing energies.

you will also be making a gemstone bracelet for yourself!

all materials and lessons- talk $60.00 3 hours long. Saturday March 23 2013





Tarot card reading lessons* 5 classes*  $120.00

every other Friday  night starting at 7:00pm starting September 28th*





Are you into spirit looking? Lets get together no charge. 

September 23?  September 28th?


please email me if you are interested each workshop I hope to get no more then 10 people.. no less then 3* or we will not be holding A course. IT will be myself and another girl working with these sometimes :) We are a group of spiritual, metaphysical followers for upwards to 15- and 20 years +++

We are professional readers and look forward to doing this!

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