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What does it mean to be called "An old soul?"

Posted on September 5, 2012 at 9:35 PM

Ok great question and thank you for it ;)




Of course we are all human beings...


The soul is eternal and incarnates into human existence again and again.... through the cycle of birth and death, for the purpose of its own development.


All souls were conceived within the mind of GOD at the same time. We were created at the same time and given free will, I do fully believe this*

It is determined how a person has grown from each lifetime on Earth, not just how many lifetimes he or she has lived.

No person, or soul is ahead or behind any other, but is simply where they need to be based on their choices and their free will.

Souls start out in their Earthly lives as a sperm connecting to the egg* and we grow as infants, children, teens, into adulthood... and end their series of incarnations when they have reached full maturity as old souls.

  No-one really can know how many soul's experiences, we have... sometimes we hold back for whatever reasons as "spirits" Usually because of family-friends, physical items, property, spite, or scared*

. Each soul age has a specific learning.... what maybe we never will know... until we pass on, or end up in that state...




Learning - Survival



-Infant souls are raw, without experience and are adjusting to a new existence, the physical plane.

-Learning how to survive is their primary cconcern.

-They usually choose lives in primitive culltures or conditions that stress the survival element.

-Infant souls in a more advanced culture such as the United States, appear out of place and do not fit into society.

-They will generally live in less populatedd, rural areas.

-Their lives are pretty rough and usually short.




Learning - Structure, Law and Order



-Structure, law and order helps the baby soul to feel comfortable in the world.

-They like their lives to be structured andd look to authority to provide the structure.

-They are usually extremely conservative annd their religious beliefs tend to be fundamental.

-They are the people who are very patrioticc, look to doctors as Gods, and actually believe and trust politicians.

-Baby souls political party is Republican.




Learning - Power, Wealth and Fame



-The young Soul looks to see how powerful it can become in the world.

-They now begin to establish themselves as the authorities that the baby souls look to.

-This soul age is the most competitive periiod in the entire cycle of lifetimes. Young souls seize what the physical plane has to offer, striving to gain positions of prominence, power and great wealth.

-Independence and the ability to get what oone wants out of life is the driving force of the young soul.

-Ambition is important to the young soul annd there is a great drive to get ahead. They tend to be ruthless and they don't care who they step on, on their way to the top. Integrity is not in their dictionary. If they can make money or gain influence, the long term consequences of any act aren't terribly important.

-The problems with the environment and toxiic wastes being dumped everywhere is one result of being a young soul culture in a hurry to make a buck.

-Most all politicians and business executivves are young souls.

-Due to their ambition and drive, young souuls were the founders of architects of all great empires.

-Our planet is currently populated with mosstly late level young souls. Therefore, the dominant political, social and cultural systems reflect these values.

-Many people rise to fame and prominence duuring this period such as politicians, business executives, movie stars, TV anchors, religious leaders, singers, etc.

-Young souls are very conservative in theree beliefs and are skeptical when confronted with any experience beyond what is subject to scientific proof.

-They usually do not concern themselves witth metaphysics, philosophy, or religious experience.

-They are the most highly motivated toward success in whatever career they pursue and work the hardest to achieve it.




Learning - Emotions and deeper meaning



-This is the emotional and feeling level.

-The mature soul age is where they begin too open themselves to emotional issues.

-This is the age where we seek a greater meeaning towards life, and we ask the questions, "Who am I, and Why am I here?".

-This is a time for introspection, self-disscovery and spiritual seeking.

-Relationships with others are more importaant than personal success or career.

-Mature souls are less self-concerned and oorient themselves towards others, especially in groups.

-Mature souls often give themselves lives oof emotional turmoil and drama in order to open themselves emotionally. This is the soul level where there is the most incidence of suicide, alcohol and drug abuse, and terminal diseases.

-This is one of the most difficult of ages..

-The 60's introduced and facilitated an undderstanding of the mature soul consciousness.

-Mature souls are not driven by money and ppower as the young soul. When a mature soul comes into prominence, it's more from enthusiasm and less from ambition.

-Mature souls usually seek a higher educatiion from non-traditional schools.

-This is a period marked by an inner and ouuter exploration.

-The value of the mature soul aspect is in the full development of conscience, compassion and the ability to be emotionally connected, fulfilled and to give and receive love.




Learning - Completion, Teaching and Sharing



-Old souls are completing their physical plane experiences and karma as part of their spiritual growth process.

-Old souls learn to detach from emotional intensity of the mature cycle and they gradually detach from the physical plane entirely.

-Once all aspects of human existence are fuully accepted and integrated, and old soul becomes eligible to move on to other planes of existence.

-The last lesson for an old soul is to learrn unconditional love, toward themselves and toward others. This is the most difficult lesson because it means self-forgiveness as well as being able to love others to the extent that you can give them permission to be on their own chosen path.

-Old souls perceive the interconnectedness existing among all people and all there is.

-Understanding the game of life and seeing the whole picture in all situations, the old soul is calmer more peaceful and centered.

-Old souls are considered unusual, eccentriic and unconventional in this young soul culture.

-Most old souls do not grow into their fulll soul perception until about age 35 or so, but before then they will be accused of stepping to the beat of a different drummer.

-Old souls do their best to live a life of integrity, do no harm to others or judge others.

The old soul has a need to find a way of expressing themselves in their personal life and career that is in alignment with their inner purpose.

-Old souls have the ability to rise above tthe mundane events of life and put them in touch with the greater purpose of being here.

-Old souls have an agreement to teach and aassist others along their chosen paths of spiritual development. They have a commitment to their own growth and healing as well as a commitment to complete existence on the phsical plane by integrating and balancing all the different aspects of their entire being, infant though old.

-There is a great motivation for spiritual grownth and all energy is poured into spiritual development.

-Old souls tend to be extremely competent iin a wide range of things - which often aren't pursued.

-They will try to find work or careers thatt support theri personal growth such as counselors, teachers, body workers, etc.

-There is an inner desire to understand mettaphysics, astrology, tarot and other ancient teachings.

-Since old souls have previously handled many emotional issues, they come to the planet examining intellectual, philosophical and spiritual issues. They are beatnicks and hippies of the 50's and 60's.

-A major challenge of the old soul is a mastering self-esteem. No one is complete until there self-forgiveness and self-love

-Few old souls become famous, and when theyy do it is usually to teach, for the old soul is the teacher. None of us are allowed to complete the physical plane experience until everything we have learned is shared with at least one other person.


Understanding soul ages teaches you to develop your ability to understand and accept yourself and others. It is unlikely that you would find an old soul making a climb up the corporate ladder. Likewise, it is in error to expect an aggressive young soul attorney to turn his or her attention towards saving the environment. By recognizing that souls evolve through different levels of consciousness, we are able to accept the path of others, and we are all learning lessons regardless of what it may look like. With this understanding comes total acceptance and unconditional love which is our final goal.


Note: The planet is shifting towards a more mature soul perception. People are acting out of group consciousness and are becoming interested in the connected harmony of the planet as a whole. With this shift of mature souls perception comes an increase in spiritual awareness.



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