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What a sad world we live in.

Posted on August 15, 2012 at 6:10 PM

Ok so as everyone knows by now I think ebay banning our psychics and metaphysical beings and items.. Is wrong.

 I personally have not even talked to anyone on ebay except my clients-friends.  I know their info to some extent (what they give me and what we talk about in private.)  Yes, some of them are on my facebook (not my personal one) No I dont look at their accounts and hang out ;) .. I am sure some do... but more dont* I am sure. I like to stay out of the limelight (normally.. with exception to now).. even now* all i did is start the petition and passed on the word.. but many many others are doing this as well... It is a logical way to deal with something, that is simply unfair.  And yes there are tons of psychics on my facebook and on twitter... I am a chef as well, (for many years, before I felt I could do this.. despite beliefs of my family) I am linked to a bunch of chefs and their businesses on my personal. I am not best friends, I never talk to anyone.. But I do ask are most expected to just stay in the dark and hide? Or stay united with others.  

I dont judge, I know other clients mention other psychics names*

Some bash* some ignore* I ignore... This is important IF you bash other people in your field it, or otherwise, it will just come back to you.  :(

How is it better to judge who is better? or more knowledgeable? or who is rotten, and garbage... It is not my place to judge these people, nor anyone elses.

I have even said.. "I do not know anyone, nor do I say anything. I will no talk about anyone else, or simply please you are working with me, how about we work together."

Bottom line whether you agree with psychics and such... or not* Everyone should have the right to be here and sell* If someone doesnt like it.. well then dont buy it.  Personally I think a large percentage of people have read a horoscope gotten a reading, been interested at some point.. even read a fortune cookie.  It is all in fun. and this is the way it should be.. bottom line.  

I hate controversy* I rarely tell anyone what I can do, but like minded individuals... God gave me something, and I have learned how to use it... And like everyone we keep learning.  No this doesnt make me some magical lotto winner, nor do I even try .. I never play the lottery, actually I am quite content in my small little 720sq foot home in a small quaint town. :)  But never in a million years did I think a "psychic" would bash all psychics on ebay.. I was very disappointed to hear a blog written by a fellow psychic, although some points were fair.   There was Bashing left right and center.... and directed very clearly to all psychics on ebay, all metaphysical on ebay, even going onto all psychics on hotlines.... This is a small blurb*


  "These fraudsters aren't only on eBay. The network psychics and associations are now using social networks like Twitter, Facebook to reach you. They are 'liking' each other's pages in Facebook and Google+ to build up a false psychic reputation to get unsuspecting buyers to believe they are accurate psychics."


This Was one of her notes* Of many and yes .. ok we all know there are many people who take advantage of others* And yes there are psychics talk to each other :(  Some about clients*

All we can do is pray they dont share information. Trust hope, and go for ones who are accurate in our own lives.   As a psychic we need confidentiality* This is a given! or should be! We need empathy, We need to be on our own as we work* BUT we should not be alone as a whole.  The fraudsters .. they eventually go on selling weight loss stuff, makeup or data entry, or telemarketing,  Of course this is not directed to these people who sell these items**. The point is they go on and try many many other stuff*  Likely they dont stay in this line of work! They get negative feedback, no one calls....

It is a shame some are not good, not ethical, not legitimate.. not confidential!

Some charge up the wall for a ring and laugh* :( These people are also usually* not always* not in business for years later for a reason!

But to bash all of ebay psychics and community and then go into phone lines, chat rooms.. and then offer your readings for $80.00 for 20 minutes*****  Is not right either.  

Dont judge, let the higher powers judge.

I am sure you are gifted, and I am sure you have done this for 30 years.. But please dont put a large blog and post it everywhere on how everyone is fakes.. except for you*   and maybe a few selected others.. maybe*

This of course is not the case. As a psychic you should know and feel that I am very intuitive, that I care soo much, that I do soo much work in my community, that I work hard at what I do, that I keep things completely confidential, that I offer free readings All the time, that I am shy, that I care..  that I love, that I have cried reading and talking with clients! And That I am able to charge a flat rate on ebay* on my site .. that my rates just because they are very very tiny** that it does not make me any less accurate. that I enjoy ebay not just because of the people, I actually hate charging by the minute :( That I dont want people to hang on to get more money... that thru email I can write back no extra charge* to help to clarify* And that I am on ebay for over 4 years.

And the last person I would expect to see agreeing with ebay is a fellow psychic* besides the fact.. yes I am sure there are problems with some, but where isnt there problems with some? No matter what line you work on... no matter what place you post your readings on, no matter where you go, or live and do readings!

This is human rights, the fraudsters will be judged by the higher powers!  This should affect everyone in this community as a whole the same.  One ban anywhere is just a step in time for everyone else in this community. Including you.

We all are not excepted to many people, Not Dividing those who believe and work, the real true spiritual workers.  AS you know they can be found anywhere, a coffee shop, a store, the grocery line even ebay.  Some like me not that long ago did not feel they could come out because of their background, do we really need our own kind to make us feel like we shouldnt be us either?



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Reply Chairity
2:15 PM on August 17, 2012 
So I was thinking.. over 1,000 signatures is great... so far for the petition in ebay... However I alone on here have over 500 friends, on twitter over 4,000? I look at it this way, although ebay shutting its metaphysical community down may not bother you. Maybe you are on keen, or bitwine, oranum.... ++++ Maybe you go other places. This is fine. But not signing this signature just allows the other side to win* The skeptics that bash us as a whole, the non believers, the various religions, the ones that think all metaphysical is a scam, a crook a "Charlton" IT is people like this . that think gee see there isnt alot of people in the world who believe! See look even psychics arent supporting this .. as I have seen actually written because of the one "psychic" that wrote her blog against ebay psychics. People think there are not millions of people who believe, or use.. They stay in their closed minded world.. and this petition can be proof in their mind. So please make this a priority. sign the petition http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/dont-ban-our-psychics-on-ebay