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New Poll Question Twitter and FB fun

Posted on August 8, 2012 at 2:30 PM

QUESTION:  what is something nice that someone said or did.. that you cherished in your heart?

How to message your answer: Facebook add .. or message me their on post* http://www.facebook.com/TarotCardsByChairity

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For anyone who answers I will look at my tea leaves what I see .. one symbol! :) focusing on whats to come

Ends Wednesday at midnight August 8th! EST


My answer*  I have a fond memory (I must have been 6 yrs old) and this girl who was visiting with her grandparents across the street :) from Florida (which I thought was neat right there :) since Im from Canada!) She ended up being a great friend that summer! We played everyday... when she left, to go back home... she gave me a piece of pussy willow a branch she picked when visiting a place with her grandfather :) I thought that was sooo neat! Never did I yet see a pussy willow.. and that she gave it to me! I rooted the pussy willow and it eventually grew in my mother's back yard! :) Her grandparents eventually moved away.... but that nice gesture for a 6 year old girl will live on with me and my family forever!


Virginia L. My mother told me once... That everything happens for a reason.

Thanks Virginia**  when looking at your tea leaves to come I see a pearl necklace very clearly and it is complete when we see this it means that someone around you will be admiring you  what you do who you are... something about you!  It can suggest physically .. although in this aspect I do think it is something to do with working.. or a project... which is nice because you are likely going to come get an acknowledgment that is positive for something you do!


@houstonzplace My fond memory is baking cookies with my grandmother who passed away last month :|

aww sorry sorry to hear that y dear friend I looked at wha I saw in your leaves and I actually saw a guitar to come playing lovely romantic music

and thoughts.. if you are sigle this can suggest some romance heading your way.. where if you arent single.. it can suggest soe romance coming your way ;) probably nice to get your mind off of other things XXXX


Renée C.  A friend of mine, Choisy, said to me that the divine spirit live in each of us, that's why we can act in our life, and we can choose to be happy whatewer what's happening.

many thanks dear Renée :) for you I see a book with a bookmark of a leaf.. interesting :) a 2 for 1 ;) a book that is opened is willing to learn and good news comes from new things you try* It requires a conclusion and relates to a matter to come while with a leaf this only leads to a new beginnings for you fresh starts to come!


Petra P  my friend once told me 'never run after a bus or a man! there will always be another one!' so true :)

lol yes it is very true :) and something many should listen too*  For your leaves and one symbol to come I see the ostrich representing travel to come that ill be safe and secured your eyes are closed so it is travel to something you have yet to see! open your eyes and be aware of the new surroundings!


Valarie A.   My friend told me that no matter who comes & goes in my life he will always be there & is not going anywhere. I found it sweet since its hard to keep friends these days, he hasn't left yet if anything we've gotten closer. :)

:) aww that is sweet :) thank you for sharing.. agreed .. friends as a child .. it was so simplified you said I like your shoes :) or you poked them in the arm and ran.. and friends for life ;) then you out grow friends, change, lose friends to marriages, relationships, moving away..... maybe we should take a chapter out of the grade school method of meeting more friends ;) lol  for the symbol I saw for you my dear friend

I see numbers a 5 and a 7 when numbers show.. it is first off a great meaning! Of success or great luck coming to you! the numbers can suggest a day a month a number of times until... maybe an age... I suspect 5 and 7 is a number thats significant to come for you :) can suggest on the 5th and the 7th.. or maybe in 5 days - 7 or 5 weeks to 7 weeks.. or even 5 months to 7 months..

maybe they are just lucky numbers that bring you some extra money! keep an eye for opportunities with these numbers :) as they bring luck



Jen A ‎~When I was 16, A wonderful couple had noticed that I had been sitting in the same place under a heating vent in the middle of winter when I had nowhere to stay. They offered me their daughters bedroom, which I declined...I just couldn't intrude like that. They tried to talk me into it for at least a half an hour. I will never forget them and their generosity.

wow indeed a lovely and remarkable story... did you ever go in even for a bit..you see this as such a kind and loving gesture where they likely havent forgotten this either.. likely only hoping you were ok to this day :) .. It is so lovely that people out there are so kind and caring to go to such extents!!!! thank you :) Jen Ann what a lovely inspiring story to know that there are kind people who do care out there!!!!! a rake is  in your leaves my dear friend, as it suggests you are a good observer and that you will find yourself taking in account some details that seem to lead to a message or a note or simply a gift an item left on the ground or around your home a positive message and gift .. maybe something you have been looking for.. maybe something that just makes you smile... something you find very soon will be happy you were aying attention! ;)


Babs Bridget O  My boss offered to pay for me and my children to go abroad for a week, his reason we deserved it and i couldn't afford it!! Very genuine offer but i declined as it was too much :(( xx

wow very genorous! :) and a great reason!!! you guys do deserve it! ;) but I can understand why it be a little too much as well.. its the thought that counts! an ivy grows right along a rabbits side... mmmm.. ok soe the ivy is a leaf that can represent a very good friend.. you can be the friend or someone else can be * and the rabbit since they are intertwined shows when you should expect to have to stand up against something that just isnt right .. you may need to speak up .. where others havent* and it may involve and likely to involve a friend.


@jennyo2626 @Powerfulreading every time my son says I love you momma


awww what a nice feeling :) I agree 110% :) for you my friend I see a well full flourished* refreshed* something you will really feel to come

the well is not just mental not just physical refresh that you find yourself get but it fills with spirituality refresh and a natural love.. family should be a strong point in the months to come.. and things just refresh .. like you had a cleanse :) likely just making you feel good to come!


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