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I AM back doing readings August, September 2021 …………….. Admittedly**** I am checking email only every 5-8 days* I will get back to you as soon as I check.  Please be patient with me* not offering 24 hour readings. AS I cannot guarantee anytime frame right now.

Buy 1 Question Reading  $4.00US

3 Questions.

Mini Tea Leaf Reading no questions

Large Tarot Spread Your choice which one*****

Relationship send me person of interest First name DOB with yours.
Celtic Cross  General no questions
2 Directions* Send to two possibly directions and I will let you know outcome of both ways*
Career send me up to 4 career /job choices and possibilities of outcomes...
Mandala Spread general no questions
New lover to come*


Past Life Reading.... 

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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  My Oath To You as A Client and Friend*

You trusting me in your life's path is a deep honor to me :). I take this responsibility as a very important task* I really do care. And strive for 5/5 stars :) ***** I will always offer free follow ups and clarifications, I will always work with you!! :) If you ever do not understand something about your reading **Please email me I will do my absolute best to explain :)   I promise that your confidentiality is important to me! I will never show readings online... in general. Unless special permission and the reason posted :) for that purpose.. The only readings that are online are on allexperts and this is because they did not make their readings "private" .. It had nothing to do with me :)

Even on a referral .. If a past paid client refers me to someone.. that someone buys any reading *EXCEPT A 1 Question reading or one of the specials at the time example .99cent -1.99 specials and ONLY* on my site* IF THEY mention the past clients name* THAT PAST CLIENT WILL GET A ONE QUESTION FREE! Even on this it will just be mentioned that a referral mentioned their name.. ONLY THRU MY SITE THEY MUST PURCHASE****************** 
I WANT YOU TO BE CONFIDENT THAT EVERYTHING WILL BE CONFIDENTIAL*.  And I never ever judge ever! No matter your age, race, gender, sex, pleasure, actions..... ++++++ I never judge. I only emphasize or try too :)


What you can Expect From my reading Always!

I will follow up and clarify anything please just contact me!  :)

*FULL (Definitely not a few lines!!!!) *A RESPONSE WITHIN 10 days* Genuine never ever computer generated!! * I sit down in my room quietly with incense burning, candles and put full concentration on your questions! *I never limit the amount of cards to get your answers.*You CAN follow up :) I will help you understand anything you may not*

Contact me thru Facebook OR email:   [email protected]

OR Twitter     @powerfulreading


#1  Check Your Spam Just incase!!

#2 Email me!!!!      Send me another email address JUST INCASE!!  :)

    I  ALWAYS ALWAYS FOLLOW UP!!!!  IF YOU NEED  Clarifying!!!  I AM HERE TO HELP!!  Absolutely No* Refunds Please!

This is 18+       And Legally I give advice BUT you must  always follow your heart! I am not responsible for anything :) Or anyone..  this is entertainment purposes Only!!! And Always!!!

 Please dont give me medical Questions :) I will tell you what the cards say BUT Always see your Doctor! And Listen to Professionals!!

47% of the worlds countries have visited and gotten readings from me :) It would be a honor for you to join my map!
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